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Lilia Le Dieu


LA-based filmmaker.

I believe in finding solutions, gathering the greatest talent, and taking risks to achieve the highest quality of content.

Producing compelling visuals that keep the audience engaged, entertained, and left with food for thought.

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My vision

I want to make ideas happen.

Smoothly, timely, in a safe environment.

My work ethic is all about integrity, effective communication, and total dedication to the final result.


I pay attention to details and facilitate production processes by leveraging relationships with filmmakers, vendors, location owners. I also have strong aesthetic sensibility and look for collaborating with creative visual artists.


What can I bring to your production?


  • concept development, script breakdown

  • crew search & staffing

  • budgeting, scheduling

  • Movie Magic, Excel

  • booking locations, equipment, vendors

  • handling freelancer contracts

  • legal paperwork, permits, COIs, clearances

  • casting, SAG-AFTRA paperwork

  • coordinating all stages: picture editing, sound, VFX, graphics, color grading, finishing, DCP

  • communicating director's creative vision with each member of post

  • knowledge of editing workflows, delivery requirements & specifications

  • FilmFreeway, festival run strategy

  • knowledge of key art design, website design, press kit, promo materials

  • social media marketing/visual creation


Principal Photography

  • overseeing production logistics

  • booking travel, transportation

  • coordinating schedules, call times

  • coordinating HODs

  • providing crew & cast support

  • managing project finances

  • payroll management

  • reporting

  • safety & compliance


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Contact Me

Thank you for checking out my website.

Let's connect!

Los Angeles, CA


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