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4K     |       DOLBY 5.1       |      43 MIN      |     LOS ANGELES      |    2023

A purely original, philosophical, and deeply heartfelt story about individuality,  "Iconic" is a narrative short by a directing duo from Belarus, Konstantin Pivovar & Lilia Le Dieu. The project was independently produced and completed in the fall of 2023.


The story has humorous elements and starts innocently, but then it slowly molds into something grotesque, shifting away from the “comedy” in its name.  It takes place in an unfamiliar setting, staying in a tone that mediates between suspense and irony.

Three people have been chosen to pray to a mystic Column in a closed spacious hall. They spent days on their knees without leaving.

After a few years of no effect, one of them (Grugan) wakes up and starts to question their bizarre experience. As his conversation with a fellow supplicant, Brud, goes on, both of them decide to change tactics of praying and find the meaning. A third supplicant, Enk, also joins the search for answers, and as the day goes on, Brud begins to lose his patience and descends into despair as his familiar routine has been disrupted.


Grugan is not sure if they are just wasting their time or getting closer to a long-awaited goal instead. It is time to decide, whether they should leave the hall or continue praying in hopes of getting what they were promised.

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