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After Christ’s Second Coming, a painter has to persuade the Priest to let her commit suicide. She invites him to her house and shares the reasons, by describing some terrible details about her inner struggles and dreadful past. However, it gets more evident that something in her story doesn't add up.


This film raises new questions of faith, artistry, and inspiration in an imaginary world that lacks uncertainty and individual ownership. Produced in Los Angeles by a thought-provoking director Konstantin Pivovar, "Paintless" is a lingeringly poignant drama that hits close to home for artists.

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Cast: Anna Greene, Graham Jenkins

Writer/Director: Konstantin Pivovar

Producer/Co-Director: Lilia Le Dieu

Cinematographer: Konstantin Frolov

Line Producers: Javier Montoya, Dmitriy Parkhomchuk

Production Designer: Justin Aragon

Art Director: Christian Lanza

First Assistant Director: Nailah Robinson

Supervising Sound Editor: Andrey Dergachev

Colorist: Fernando Torres

RED DRAGON  |  DOLBY 5.1  |  4K


Calgary Independent Film Festival

Semi-finalist - Best Directing

Florida Shorts

Semi-finalist - Best Producer

Vienna Indie Short Festival

Semi-finalist - Best Short Film

Oniros Film Awards New York

Finalist - Best Short Film

Indie Short Fest

Best Short Drama

Toronto Film Magazine Fest

Award Winner - Best Actor - Graham Jenkins

Award Winner - Best Narrative Short

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paintless stills 2022_1.1.48.png


...Paintless starts simply enough with a visit from a priest. It's not hard to imagine one of many reasons a priest would make a house call, but in Konstantin Pivovar's short film, the reason is quite different than you would imagine. The girl (Anna Greene) needs permission from the priest (Graham Jenkins) to perform one of the grave sins. Suicide. You may be wondering how a priest could give permission for such a serious offense to the church, but Paintless offers a reason. A unique one...

...Back in 2019, writer-director Konstantin Pivovar found himself contemplating the sources artists use to find inspiration, channelling his philosophical exploration into the script of a 20-minute short film, Paintless

While Pivovar took his time to develop the project, feeling that it was “too challenging” for the amount of budget he had, he wound up bringing it to life through raising finance with the help of Lilia Le Dieu, an accomplished award-winning producer, whose passion lied in producing deep, original dramas...

...Paintless belies its amusing pun. It is instead painful and harrowing, drawing to a close on a climax that is as disturbing as it is beautiful. With the end credits rolling, the priest makes the viewer question his essence once again: something more than a mere priest with paperwork to process...

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